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Nepali dogs

May 26, 2010

I have been meaning to post these for ages. Street dogs in Nepal. Overwhelmingly huge and really sad problem.  Animal Nepal and KAT are doing really good work Рif ever you go to Nepal and if you love doggies you should volunteer with them. An eye opener- that is for sure!

Most of these photos I took during a strike when the maoists shut down all of Kathmandu city so there were no cars or bikes on the streets.

Totally chilled out by day, they rule the streets at night- you hear some amazing territory wars going on (and you gotta watch them when you come home drunk at 3am)!

But my favourite story is of Marky Seti- rescued by Animal Nepal volunteers in Kathmandu and taken to their animal sanctuary for treatment for scabies, worms, open sores and a broken leg…

Aicha (another volunteer) fell in love with him:

And took him home to Holland because the Nepalese based vets don’t have the equipment to fix Markty’s leg. Aicha is my hero!

No Nepali dog post would be complete without some pics of my beloved Foxy dog- now all better and looking for a new Nepali home!


Weather conditions

May 2, 2010

It must have been really still really high today- check out all these¬†vapour trails. I don’t even have anything funny to say, I just think it is amazing.

Oh mystery bug- what ARE you?

May 2, 2010

I call these bugs Never Go Aways. I don’t know where the fuck they come from, but once they get on you there is NO WAY they will leave. My sister thinks she has them outsmarted- she puts them outside then closes the door- but I know, they just wait there until you come out and they get straight back on you. Sometimes they ride around on the dogs. They never bite and they have no fear. You can’t squash them.

This one has been on my knee for at least half an hour.